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fotosis ep

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fotosis ep

by fotosis

We have created a new page for this EP because one of the tracks got corrupted somewhere along the way and archive has no delete button, anyway the corrected version can be found at the link below.

The tracks are a combination of improvisational recordings direct to an apple laptop mic and minimal multi-tracking with a USB sound recorder. We kept the sound raw and natural so the experience of listening to the tracks is close to hearing them live, some sounds were not planned such as the egg timer ringing in the background on track 08:-) Neither of us are musicians but we both love music and enjoy sonic experimentation using our handmade electronic instruments, collection of guitar effects and everyday objects.

o1 By the sea,
02 Bumps,
03 Orchestre Imaginaire,
04 Sunday,
05 Chimes,
06 21:45,
07 B-Remix,
08 Lumiere,
09 BTS-Remix,
10 Tones,

We used the following materials/instruments/software:
Electric cigar box guitar,
Fotosis synth/optical theremin,
Duct tape,
Digitech whammy pedal,

Other pedals---
Boss DD3 delay, Boss BF2 flanger, Ibanez tubescreamer, mxr distortion.
Electro-harmonix microsynthesizer.

Pd - puredata extended,
IXI grainbox.

Amps used---
Danelectro Honeytone micro amp, Logitech PC speakers.

(all were used in various weird and mesmerising combinations lol)



Track 01 By the Sea---
Fotosis No.004 set up as a weird modulating oscillator with its output being played into the whammy pedal controlled
by Connie and then the micro synth controlled by John the signal is then treated using a delay pedal. Recording was
accomplished in Audacity with the audio captured by an ibooks built-in mic.

Track 02 Bumps---
Connie Fotosis No.003 played into a digitech whammy pedal with the output run straight to a USB sound capture device. Once in
the computer the audio is played through pure data which applied reverb using the object [freeverb~]. Pd then routes to
Audacity using Soundflower where it is recorded. This track was accomplished by laying down three separate tracks in this fashion.

Track 03 Orchestre Imaginaire---
MXR distortion pedal maxed out with the input lead unconnected causing bizare rumbling sound. This was then fed into the whammy pedal,
the resulting sound is similar to a cello or similar bowed instrument (Connie plays the cello?!). The background noise was created using a feedback loop consisting of
three guitar effects, a Ibanex tube screamer, Boss DD3 Delay and EH micro synth connected in a loop. The dry out from the
delay is fed into the Danelectro Honeytone Amp maxed out. All sound was captured using the built in mic on my mac.

Track 04 Sunday---
Again Connie playing Fotosis No.003 into a whammy pedal then straight to the computer run through Pd to apply reverb and played out using the
Logitech speakers as amps. Guitar in the background with delay added being hammered with a plastic chop stick. Some sound samples added in
post preduction as the accompanying drone with our synth.

Track 05 Chimes--
Connie hitting the guitar with a roll of duct tape like a gong and playing with plastic chop sticks. Rumbling sound added using the Fotosis synth and
the whammy pedal set to detune. The guitar pedal feedback circuit was used to produce the undescribable screaming noise that accompanies the
piece throughout.

Track 06 25:45---
Cigar box electric with alternative tuning and chopstick as third bridge rammed under the strings. The guitar was simply randomly plucked until
a pattern of gentle tones emerged. The signal was treated using Dunlop Wah pedal, tubescreamer and delay.

Track 07 B-Remix---
Pre-recorded samples of out home made instrument opened in Grainbox and played around with in Grainbox creating a horror movie athmosphere with a WW2 news report
played over it.

Track 08 Lumiere---
Connie on the Fotosis synth again wigging out on the whammy pedal quickly flicking up and down through the setting while rocking the foot pedal
back and forth with her hand. John playing the guitar this time with alt. tuning, third bridge and chop sticks through delay, tube screamer and microsynth
with honeytone amp all the way up while fiddling with the delay settings.

Track 09 BTS-Remix---
Our opening track By The Sea warped by grainbox resulting in another track worthy or placement on a horror movie soundtrack.

Track 10 Tones---
This track was created entirely using a random tone generator John built in Pure Data with the [freeverb~] object adding reverb and recorded in


Thanks for listening and downloading.

Sincerely, John & Connie

- fotosis / we like to make stuff

More information about us can be found here:

All of our publicly shared media/documentation/etc are licensed under Creative Commons:


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